3 Benefits Of Starting A Blog For Your Brand In 2024
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3 Benefits of Starting a Blog for Your Brand

To grow your brand as an HR leader, you should consider growing your brand creating a blog about Human Resources strategies.  Read on to learn why this will greatly benefit your brand.

    It’s a straightforward, low-cost way to grow your brand.

    Before you get started on building a blog, you want to be clear about your intentions with the blog. Why do you want to grow your brand? What are you offering people? How are you filing a void?

    More specifically, as an HR leader, what do you want to be known for? Maybe you want to share a perspective that you can’t easily find.  

    When you are seeking advice on various HR  Problems and you go to good old Google or you go to a friend, is there a specific area that is just hard to find that information? 

    I know on a very general note, when I think back to when the pandemic happened, it was really hard to find information about running an organization in a virtual world.  What I could find, I remember it was very surface level. It didn’t say anything about how to run an organization in a virtual world.

    That is an example of a need where at one time, there was not enough information about this for HR professionals.

    What about you and your voice? Is there a space where we need advice, perspective or guidance and it’s not easily found right now? A blog could be a great opportunity to shed some light on that and for you to be the thought leader in that space.  

    I know for me, something that I’ve noticed and I continue to notice is that it’s really hard to learn how to increase your earning potential and your income, especially for Black women. 

    Sure, you can pay thousands of dollars for a coach. You can pay money to go to trainings and whatnot, to learn how to build your executive presence or to learn how to be a better negotiator. But when I think about free resources to teach you this, I can’t think of many, and I definitely can’t think of many that are tailored to Black women in a corporate environment.

    So when I sat down to start my business and to start sharing information, that was my goal. I wanted to fill that void. My content is all about increasing your income with a brand based on your unique perspectives and experiences.

    And my target audience, the people that I am talking to with this knowledge, are experienced HR professionals that are looking to move into director-level C-suite positions.  I’m a leader in that space. That is what people know me for and by starting this blog, I’ll be able to grow my brand even more by sharing my content there. 

      Your blog can help someone navigate a difficult problem.

      The second reason you should start it is because you are sharing experiences of what actually works in HR. We’re at a time where it feels like so many different professions are really difficult to navigate in this environment in a post COVID world, but HR especially.

      So what are some wins? What are some of your wins within human resources? What are those things that you do better than anyone else in your profession?  You know, ever since Covid happened, like, so many things are not as easy to do within HR as they were pre-pandemic. You think about learning and development before the pandemic.

      I remember working with a staff that felt very lucky to have trainers come in and teach them presentation skills training or media training. To have a professional be hands-on doing that with them, preparing them to go in front of major news networks and talk about their area of expertise was a treat.

      In a post-pandemic world, we can’t even get people to come to the office. They don’t want to come to the office.  When I think about things like recruiting, you could go to a fancy search firm, pay them their 20 percent placement fee, and they would give you an abundance of candidates that fit your needs.  Now, you’ll be lucky if you get one and you work with them for six months. 

      So we’re in a unique time in the sense that things are really hard, but it’s also unique because if you have figured it out, people need to hear from you.

      In my own profession, the old school transactional way of running HR, has not worked for me in my workplaces. Approaching HR from a “I’m going to write these policies and assume that everyone will follow them” perspective has not worked. The current world of work has required me to work from a more strategic hands-on position and work right alongside business stakeholders. 

      I’m not even working in traditional HR. I’m working at the intersection of HR and sales or HR and product development,  I really love doing that work.

      These are just some examples of things that you can share on your blog that HR professionals could greatly benefit from. And I hope as you’re reading, you’re thinking about those unique experiences that you’ve had.

        Growing your blog is totally doable

        It’s a lot easier to keep up with growing a blog than it is to keep up with growing your profile via social media algorithms. It’s much easier to keep up with publishing your own blog than trying to figure out the next TikTok, or the reel, or the post, or the engagement. In some ways,  I mean, a blog is more direct and straightforward than social media. People will always consume information in written form. It always has been and the algorithm doesn’t change there.

          You can use LinkedIn to publish your blog posts every week by way of a newsletter. That would be a great way to get people to look at your blog to read the blog; and the blog can almost act as a repository for the newsletter entries.

          So growth, totally doable with this blog. You could turn out to really love it. I enjoy writing. I enjoy communicating. And if that is something that you’re into and you want to build your thought leadership this way, this is a really straightforward, easy, impactful, effective way to do that.

          I share more about starting a blog on my podcast. You can listen to Season 4, Episode 16 on Apple, Spotify or wherever you stream podcasts.

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