Courtney Ball

Courtney Ball is an author, speaker, leadership coach and recruiter who specializes in connecting women of color to leadership positions.

She launched Courtney Ball Talent Management Consulting Corporation in 2020, with a vision to orchestrate opportunities for underrepresented populations to attain corporate management positions. Courtney’s boutique consulting firm achieves this mission by providing leadership training for corporations.

Prior to starting her company, Courtney held numerous leadership positions, including Head of Human Resources at a global consulting firm and founder of a nonprofit organization. She is a natural leader and embodies “servant leadership” in every opportunity she pursues.

In 2019, Courtney published her first book, New Manager Handbook: Queen Edition, a roadmap for first-time managers to navigate time management and team leadership. The book includes practical advice, as well as anecdotes from a decade’s worth of colorful managers and wonky work environments.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Courtney has a thriving career as a human resources director. She is currently the interim head of human resources in New York City.

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